Restoring the Land. Restoring the Hearts.


We provide services to establish sustainable growing systems for Kauai. Through consultation, design, earthworks, tree care, planting, animal habitat, and water planning, we work to bring the best possible outcome for sustainability and the health of our community!

Our vision is to see the agriculture community of West Kauai be strengthened, to work together as farmers to grow healthy food, but also to grow and nurture the hearts of this next generation of youth. By working together in love, side by side, we can properly teach, empower and encourage this next generation to live with positive outlooks and goals.

Beyond this, our hope is to strengthen the agriculture economy of West Kauai by creating working models of completely sustainable growing methods. “Sustainable” for agriculture, means that one can successfully grow without needing any imported materials to keep the plants growing.


To Listen.

Like the rest of life... By being active listeners, we become successful farmers. Our intention is to listen and learn of what others have done before us, both in Hawaiian culture and in other cultures like in the ancient scriptures. If we first listen, then we may be less likely to repeat mistakes, or ignore ethical principles. Because every growing environment is different, if we first listen and observe, as farmers we can make successful action in cultivation that is specific to our growing environment. And... as we work with youth, if we listen, we learn how to help them grow and succeed.

As we create more and more solid agriculture models that are specific to this area, we can teach them to others to expand upon.  Also, as we partner up with others with the same goals of sustainability, we become more likely to accomplish those goals.  Unity in community is a mission worth pursuing.