West Kauai Farms' passion is to see this beautiful island of Kauai be restored to a thriving land, where people can be nourished from the fruits of the soil.  But more importantly, the driving force behind WKF is to see this next generation of youth get empowered to be self-sustainable, life-loving, eager and excited to be outdoors in God's creation.  We want to plant seeds of Joy and Patience, and Peace and Love in their hearts, which will awaken their self-worth, and get them stoked on life!  

Our heart is to provide a venue where one can experience the excitement of life.  Being in the midst of a garden that is coming to life creates wonder and thoughtfulness, and that is exactly what we strive to instill in this next generation.  

The education that we offer are anywhere from a simple "shadowing a farmer" to learn all the basics of sustainable farming, to in-depth topical studies, with guest speakers, and field trips to farms all over the island. 

We have partnered with Malama Kaua'i, KUGA,  Alu Like, AmeriCorps Hawai'i, and have had some amazing internships, and plan for more to come. 

**  You are welcome to sign up or contact West Kauai Farms about doing an internship at any time of the year.  We offer short-term and long-term internships. **